x-mas under da ground

work/ing go/ing from Sara Hebert on Vimeo.

It’s time for xmas under da ground, minicine? swampland’s, every other year, open, all inclusive, exhibition of “Made in Shreveport” film, art and music. This year, our makeshift cine/gallery will be bursting at the seams with heightened seasonal spirit. Teaming up with Shreveport’s newest art collective, The FREE RADICALS, work by over thirty artists will be exhibited. On the screen, minicine? will project extremely short, short, films representing the creative talents of over twenty area filmmakers.

Phillip Brooks, Sara Hebert, Bob Greenwood, Dacoda Montana, Ruthie Junto, Keturah Cummings, Noah Scruggs / Chris Armand, Marquette LaForest, Leo Kacenjar, Cazes Verbois, Jeremy Jones, Robert Trudeau, Dan Garner, Alan Dyson, Rob Peterson, Keith Able, Michelle Glaros, Chris Alexander, Landry Debussy, Jaimie Heiges, Skye Thorstenson, Larry Caveney, Krista McKinney, Savage Chuck, Glen Grefe, Jimmy Cousins and Austin Meyers / Mike Schwalke.

Reyne Treve, Conchita Iglesias McElvee, Mallori Brandon, Dylan Hillman, Jason Pliler, Kathryn Usher, Chuck Loridans, Debbie Engles, Jeremy Johnson, Matt Beckam, Rachel Wallace, Deborah Demaree, MOLLY DOLLY, Matthew Linn, Brandon Jenkins, Justin Clark, Ben Geisar, Rachel McDonald, Bailey Anglin, Courtney Walker, Rachel Addy, Courtney Walker, Jedediah Peppers, Casey Varner + more!

The Hell Yeahs, Dean Roane, Jasper McAdams and The .357’s….

Hors d’oeuvres:
By Libby Patterson Smith & Friends


minicine? swampland
846 Texas Avenue
Downtown Shreveport 

More details to follow…