Tony Conrad, Jonathan Kane, Rhys Chatham

Tony Conrad
Photo Credit
Robert Trudeau

minicine? host musicians Tony Conrad, Jonathan Kane and Rhys Chatham to Shreveport for an evening series of consciousness expanding performances. The line up is as follows:

TONY CONRAD is a giant in the American soundscape. Since the early 1960s, he has utilized intense amplification, long duration and precise pitch to forge an aggressively mesmerizing “Dream Music. “Conrad articulated the Big Bang of “minimalism” and played a pivotal role in the formation of the Velvet Underground. Conrad continues to exert a primal influence over succeeding generations with his ecstatic oscillations and hypnotic drones.

JONATHAN KANE is a Downtown NYC legend — as co-founder of the no-wave behemoth Swans and the rhythmic thunder behind the massed-guitar armies of Rhys Chatham and the rock excursions of La Monte Young — and one of the hardest-hitting drummers on the planet. In his own work, Kane summons Swans’ concussive wallop, Chatham’s dense guitar strata, and the perpetual propulsion of 70s krautrockers Neu, then steers it all head-on into… the blues. In Kane’s high-decibel swagger you’ll hear the mind-blowing reinvention of both minimalism and the blues: guitar-driven minimalism propelled into the blues, and the blues exploding into guitar-driven harmonic maximalism.

RHYS CHATHAM, New York composer and 70’s vanguardist, is credited with altering the DNA of rock, marshaling massed-guitar “armies” and fusing overtone-drenched minimalism with the fury of punk rock. His work prefigured No Wave and cast a huge influence over the work of his proteges, including Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth. Performing this material for the first time in two decades, this Downtown NYC icon revisits those glorious years in the life of a city and a milieu in which the raw, the sophisticated and the danceable merged.

Other performers collaborating in this event will include bassist Ernie Brooks, guitarists Doug McCombs, Chris Brokaw, David Daniel, David Bicknell, Jon Crider and Igor Cubrilovich.

Tuesday MARCH 14 / minicine? / 846 Texas Avenue / 8PM / $10