T.I.E. – 5th Anniversary Tour


minicine? host the 5th Anniversary Tour of The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (TIE) at ArtSpace on August 20th, Shreveport. Christopher May, the Founder/Director of TIE and curator of this program, will be present to introduce and answer questions about the films. This program consist of a grouping of hand-made and personal esoteric film experiments from a selection of contemporary film artists from around the world, including, USA, Germany, India and Canada… works include, hand-processed, cameraless, photogram, pin hole, direct attack, ocean tossed and more…

TIE – The International Experimental Cinema Exposition is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting classic and contemporary experimental works made on celluloid……

Why Film?
“For over 100 years, film has been the standard that other mediums have striven to achieve. Unlike it’s electronic contemporaries, the finer nuances of the format have remained unchanged. Film speaks a language all its own, and when combined with an artist’s vision, images are given a life that only film can provide. In a world dominated by new moving image technologies, when we see film, we know we are taking a special voyage.” -TIE

For info about films please see: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TIE PROGRAM

Saturday AUGUST 20 / ArtSpace / 710 Texas Street / 2nd Floor / 8PM / Free