Patched up Blue Jeans & Curtains Blowing in the Wind

Put down those tools…. minicine? host to stage local artist/musician Jimmy Cousins and traveling singer/songwriter Josephine Foster... Two, guaranteed to resonate, back to back performances marked by unique vocal and word quilts.

Jimmy Cousins, in a rare appearance, takes the stage with Ted Lindsay, to deliver a set of his magically “Jimmy” tunes… Best described in Google Land…. ” his compositions "Peppermint Candy," "Rusty Metal Sky" and "Pajamas & Platform Shoes" play like colorful collages of Louisiana landscapes, bourbon-soaked love stories and vagabond characters. Imagine a collaborative effort between Gershwin, Leadbelly, Tom Waits and the creators of Sesame Street, and you've got Jimmy Cousins“. Note: “Virgin Mary Cosmos” will be animated live by Lovette and Miki…

Josephine Foster, on tour from Table of Elements/Locust, Colorado born, and fresh from release of her timely "A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing"… has, over the course of just a few years, captivated audiences and critics alike through a magnetic patchwork of recordings ranging from broken spirited balladry as one half of Born Heller, fiery psych rock gestalt with her rock outfit The Supposed (All the Leaves Are Gone) to the voice of an outsider folk siren (Hazel Eyes, I will Lead You). The one constant is the utterly overwhelming strength and seductive unease of her voice and the bravery of an iconoclastic spirit.

SATURDAY November 18 / minicine? / 846 Texas Avenue / 8PM / $5