Nueva Lascaux Noche del Arte!

preinternet cave drawings

minicine? invites you to a stepped up Art Night! What? Tuesday August 12, minicine? will paper the walls of the Lee Hardware Gallery with blank newsprint and provide crayons, pencils and other materials…. Come draw, sketch, express yourself to your heart’s content… all to live acoustic music by Marion Paton, A.J.Haynes and Christopher Alexander… There may even be a projector or two rolling, so if your forte is film, you can scratch, hole punch, or watercolor on celluloid and loop your results throughout the night…. Doors open from 7pm to 10pm… $5 Donation… To get in the spirit, check this site: Paleo-Camera!

TUESDAY August 12
Lee Hardware Gallery
719 Edwards Street @ Cotton Street
7PM-10PM / $5 Donation