Not And, And So...

Flyer by Allison West

minicine? welcomes all to experience new works in tile, paint, wood, wax, plaster, and sound by Allison West, Jon Mackey, John Martin and Matt Dinkins.

Edibles by GoGreenly. Suggested donation $5.

ALLISON WEST,  Shreveport, LA


Allison West is a collage and assemblage artist currently living and sharing studio with a carpenter, two geniuses, and a black dog in Shreveport Louisiana.


In this series, called "Rooms", she uses wood, wax, fabric, lint, string, hair, and other materials to examine how our domestic routines and experiences encase and imprint the interior spaces of our homes.




JON MACKEY,  Brooklyn, NY


“These paintings use sets of words, reduced to formal designs, as starting points for process-oriented work.  I had other people in mind while I made them.  I was thinking specifically how strange it is, with other people, how no feeling is whole or exclusive to any of the others--instead proceeding together in varied layers and proportions, so that the way you feel toward someone else is never complete or resolved, a final product.”


“When there's no trouble around, I want to sit in the sun and stare into space, thinking about nothing.  I want to eat when I'm hungry, get a good night's rest, and be paid what I'm worth.  I've lived in Brooklyn, NY for about 2 months now.”






John Martin is a visual artist experimenting with the boundaries of recognition. His large floor pieces are geometric cascades abstracted from real world images.


In addition to explorations through visual arts, John Martin is also a musician (The Peekers, Ouro Boar) and is presently completing a degree in Electrical Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA.






"The Presence of Absence" - This piece is an exploration of ghosts as residual emotional experience: where a room is shaped and formed by the walls that contain it, those that inhabit it are guided and directed by the negative space that defines the room; incorporeal beings signify the haunting as reflection of self;  a sense of understanding, of finding meaning, as a dynamic process of intention through the lenses of habit, ritual, and communion.


Matt Dinkins was born in 1975. His first memory of television was Ronald Reagan's inauguration parade. His first memory of not-television was deciding to cross the street without parental supervision. He has other memories, too.




minicine?              6.30.17 thru 7.27.17       846 Texas Avenue, Shreveport, LA