Nakatani / Doneda + NGO

Photo Nakatani & Doneda

Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (Japan/USA) returns to Shreveport on Wednesday Dec. 2 for a performance with saxophonist Michel Doneda (France).

"Whether wrenching out instrumental textures, honing laser-like overtones or teasing out acoustic resonances, the saxophonist and percussionist both explore the physicality of sound; and it's primarily from the intensity of their playing, that the deep drama of their music unfolds. This is a music that might be called "abstract expressionist". Its emotional weight is formed from lives of commitment, craft and collaboration." - Nameless Sound / Houston

NGO – Nakatani Gong Orchestra is a collaboration between Tatsuya Nakatani and eleven local musicians and artists combining to create a rich harmony of multiple gongs. NGO in Shreveport will include: Nathan Treme, Lane Bayliss, Michael Futreal, Tom Fasho, Ben Kitterlin, Dacoda Montana, Peter Fetterman, Josh October, Justin Clark, plus two more.....

Tatsuya Nakatani (Japan/USA)
Michel Doneda (Toulouse, France)
NGO - Nakatani Gong Orchestra

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Suggested Door Donation $5