My Kingdom for a Lullaby


In an ambitious collaboration between video artists and musicians, My Kingdom for a Lullaby engages feedback, various sound spectrums and a live performance of ‘visual music’, translated into digital images in a wide range of audiovisual forms… What comes first, the chicken or the egg… Pre-prepared video material visually generated from basic sounds of instruments is combined live with newly produced image material, which in its turn drives the music. This is truly live experiment…… My Kingdom for a Lullaby is created and performed by video artists: Michaela Grill and Billy Roisz; and musicians: Christof Kurzmann (G3, clarinet, theremin) and Martin Siewert (guitar, lapsteel, electronics); of Vienna. This program will be held in the new Feazel Instrumental Hall on the Centenary College Campus and is sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum- NYC, The Red River Film Society, The Centenary Film Society and minicine?

minicine? / Mon. OCT. 27 / Feazel Instrumental Hall / 7PM / Free