Mosquitosophagus + Ceiling Songs + Smallsails


The winds are blowing a favorable direction for October.

Smallsails (previously Adelaide) returns to Shreveport with new music and film… Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Smallsails is an instrumental rock/electronic group, integrating overlayed archival and original film loops with a lush combination of finger-picked guitar, live drums, warm keyboards, and laptop textures. Their performance is guaranteed to be a captivating, glowing multimedia experience.

Ceiling Songs are made from the ground up. Here is what they are made of. Mostly taped up player piano rolls, broken music boxes, stringed instruments, feedbacking squaky speaker birds, holy holy afternoon sunlight, self serving computer interruptions, archaic mechanizations, and all the sad and happy people everywhere…They made me do it….Ethan Rose is a musician and sound artist based in Portland, Oregon whose solo activities focus on the disassembly and reconstruction of familiar and forgotten noises. By making use of found objects and automated musical instruments as source material, his work is an exploration of order and accident; meandering consonant sounds that stretch the confines of the object’s original intention.

Mosquitosophagus is Shreveport’s own. Mesmerizing, hypnotic, a skillful blend of guitar, drums, violin, cello, live samples, loops, keys, various metal objects with found and original visuals in accompaniment.

SUNDAY October 29 / minicine? / 846 Texas Avenue / 8PM / $5