minicine? ‘s X-mas Under the Ground is back with local film, art, and music performances by AJ Haynes, Paleo & More……….


minicine? will host it’s biennial local film and video showcase with a whole slew of new shorts by local artists and filmmakers… One of our personal favorites of the year, this show will be the one event that you can go to that will just keep on giving, and for the holiday season this is so appropriate… Included in the evening, will be art, art and more art, curated by Jen Wasson. Music will be provided by A.J. Haynes and touring artist, Paleo, and a holiday food table will be prepared by Greenly. All of this will be followed by a compact curated one hour of digital shorts by local creative souls…. including: Bill Daniel, Michelle Glaros, Sara Hebert, Chris Jay, Leo Kacenjar, Katie Matza and Matthew Keus, Mindy McKoin, Austin Meyers and Mike Schwalke, Shannon Palmer, Rob Peterson, Jon Rothell, and Students from the Renzi Art and Education Center.

Mark Your Calendar Now…… 

X-mas Under the Ground will be held Saturday, December 13. Doors open at 7PM, music starts by 7:30, films roll sometime after 9, all in the Lee Hardware Art Gallery at 719 Edwards Street in Downtown Shreveport…………..

A Paleo or AjHaynes CD, or work of art from this show will make an excellent X-mas prez for someone you luv.


ALL ABOARD: the model life - Katie Matza and Mathew Keus    5:21
Fish Tank - Renzi Center    3:29
Objective - Austin Meyers    1:01
Walm(art) - Rob Peterson    1:27
Float - Rob Peterson    3:03
Uh Huh Her - Shannon Palmer    3:10
Service Road - Jon Rothell    5:34
Rolly Hole - Michelle Glaros    5:00
Losers in Life (Peanut Remix) - Renzi Center    1:00
Scary Poppins - Renzi Center    2:24
Television Suite Channel 1 (Television is War)
Television Suite Channel 2 (Jeopardy Séance) - Chris Jay    4:36
Untitled (A Rose is Rose is a....) - Mindy McKoin    2:58
Warsaw - Austin Meyers & Mike Schwalke    2:35
Once We Were - Leo Kacenjar    7min.+(oops!)
RANT - Sara Hebert & Chris Jay    4:40
USDA - Bill Daniel    1:47


Libby Patterson, A.J. Haynes, Paleo, Jen Wasson and all the AMAZING ARTISTS, and all the AMAZING FILMMAKERS who contributed works to this show... also, thanks to Amy Bryant and Ariej Alexander at the Renzi Art & Education Center, Michelle Glaros at Centenary College, and to everyone at MMCC who tirelessly worked to create the compilation screener, and to Steve the flyer guy...


SATURDAY December 13
Lee Hardware Gallery
719 Edwards St.