minicine? Local Film & Video Showcase

minicine host minicine? Local (and now regional) Film & Video Showcase for new short works under 10 minutes in length. Screening to take place at Lee Hardware Gallery, Downtown Shreveport, in conjunction with- poissons: exhibitionistes dans la mer… an exhibition of current painting, photography, and sculpture… including artwork by Allison Dickson as featured in SB Magazine. Gallery Open Thru October, Call 424-6399 For Appointment.

Film & Video Program

1) Goodwill Train – George D. Nelson (2:50min.)
2) Dorothy Sings – Bruce Allen, Kristi Hanna (2:05min.)
3) Sex Machine #2 – Bruce Allen, James Ward (5:30min.)
4) A Form of Noise – Dan Garner (3:25min.)
5) The Soup is Alive – Allison Dickson (1:45min.)
6) Zombie Infestation – Jen Wasson (4:40min.)
7) 3 Mistakes – Ryan Rebouche (2:42min.)
8) The Adventures of Captain Leaf – Robert Trudeau (4:05min.)
9) MieVu – David Nelson (0:27min.)
10) Baylor̥s Day Out РJon Rothell (7:50min.)
11) Tomato Face Ð Jason Bass, Baton Rouge, LA (1:00min.)
12) The Waste Land – Bryan McCauley, New Orleans, LA (12:25min.)
13) Hair Cut – James Dingle, New Orleans, LA (2:39min.)
14) Deli Very – Thomas Griffin – Austin, TX (3:45min.)
15) Lincoln & 31st – Damien Caldwell – Los Angeles, CA (11:33min.)

Email for more info…