LOCI + Toxxic City Dispatch

Sean Hamilton Photo by Autumn Paul
Photo Credit
Autumn Paul

Friday, Sept. 8, minicine? welcomes Sean Hamilton (Tampa, FL) for a solo percussion and electronics performance of his improvisational project, LOCI. On the walls, Bill Daniel (Houston, TX) will exhibit new work (Post Harvey) of his ongoing project, TOXXIC CITY DISPATCH. Doors open at 7:30. Edibles by GoGreenly. Suggested donation $5.

SEAN HAMILTON is a percussionist, composer, and improviser based in Tampa, FL. He brings to Shreveport his drum and electronics project, LOCI. This project features improvised compositions written to explore the symbiotic possibilities between acoustic and electronic sounds. Most often, the works create a form for improvising where the electronics interact with the drums through microphones on the drum kit or by creating their own "improvised" material generated using random numbers.

This project has been featured throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, on WKCR-FM New York's Afternoon New Music, at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, the Orlando Fringe Festival, the Anxious Sound Series in New Orleans, and at the 2017 SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) National Conference. It has also been featured at colleges and universities including the University of Michigan, New York University, California State University Long Beach, and the University of Leeds.


BILL DANIEL is a photographer, filmmaker, installation artist, curator and intrepid tour’er. Currently based outside Houston, TX, Daniel recently weathered the winds and waters of Hurricane Harvey in his Studio “K”, located in Pasadena, TX. Daniel brings to Shreveport current additions to his ongoing project TOXXIC CITY DISPATCH which will include large scale electro static prints from work he has created in the last two weeks following Harvey’s landfall.

Daniel is most likely best known for his film “Who is Bozo Texino?”, which explores the practice of hobo and rail worker graffiti, and his black and white photography project, TRI-X NOISE, which begins with documentation of the 1980’s Texas Punk scene and expands into freight train adventures and his experiences on the roads of America visiting underground house shows, microcinemas, and art exhibits at the margins. Daniel’s work has received awards from Creative Capital, Film Arts Foundation, The Pioneer Fund, Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, the R & B Feder Charitable Foundation and The Western States Media Alliance.


PERCUSSION WORKSHOP: Sean Hamilton will offer a Percussion Workshop at 6pm, Friday Sept. 8. This workshop will provide an overview of his LOCI project, what the electronics are and how they work, and an introduction to some music he finds especially vital to his artistic development. Sponsorship for this workshop has been provided by Innovative Percussion.