Jamison Williams Quartet, Jason Pliler, Amon Hanson

Tuesday July 17th, minicine? is honored to host the Jamison Williams Quartet, Amon Hanson & The Wolf, and the exhibit, "Forlorn Hope" by photographer Jason Pliler. Doors open at 7:30, opening tunes while enjoying the the artwork by Amon Hanson (Norman, OK) at 8pm.. Vegan hors d'oeuvres by GoGreenly. Suggested Donation $5.

Jamison Williams Quartet, on tour from Jacksonville, FL, brings to Shreveport an intense thrash improv jazz. Jamison Williams is a soprano saxophone player specializing in experimental deconstructionism, and extended techniques; currently heading up the Experimental Arts Union of Florida. Jamison Williams is the Executive Editor for Vantage Bulletin Publishing.


Amon Hanson & The Wolf, temporarily residing in Shreveport, is from Norman, OK, and might be moving back soon. Lucky to have had him in town this summer, Amon is a singer-songwriter rhythm guitar player!


On the Walls: Jason Pliler, is a Shreveport photographer and multi-media artist. He shares with us the exhibit "Forlorn Hope". About the photo in the banner for this invite, Juxtapose Magazine Editor, GWYNN VITTELLO, has said::::

“Waiting I/ Metonoia/Waiting II” by Jason Pliler was as complex as its components of photography, pigment print on tissue and watercolor papers, gold leaf and resin. The three sepia-toned panels were like daguerreotypes, inviting an historical research of the nudes. Were the gold censor bars granting anonymity or glorification of the depicted women?"