Jack Rose + Daniel Breithaupt, Eric Gardner & Amanda Blue

Jack Rose
Photo Credit
Martin Stuart

minicine? is exhilarated to host Jack Rose to Shreveport on Friday September 18for an intimate solo acoustic guitar performance… Rose was a founding member of the 90’s drone/noise band PELT… since that time he has been focusing on his own solo guitar work and has recorded numerous albums and EP’s… In fact, since the early 2000’s, he has been so prolific he has been involved with over ten different record labels… beginning with the CD-R releases, Hung Far Low, Portland, Oregonand Doctor Ragtime, to his May 2009 LP release, Jack Rose and The Black Twig Pickers. In 2004 he collaborated on Golden Apples of the Sun, with one of our favorites, Devendra Banhart, who we hosted to Shreveport way back in 2003 as one of the last performances in the former Zebra Room on Texas Avenue…Following is how Wikipedia describes Jack Rose…

“Rose plays in no singular style. His depth of knowledge in the traditions of blues, ragtime and Eastern music are complimented by the avant-garde and experimental spirit of PELT. His compositions are mostly for the 6-string and 12-string guitar, as well as Weissenborn-style lap steel guitar. One common characteristic of Rose’s music is his playing in open tunings. Open Db, Open Cm dropped down to Open Bbm for 12-string, and standard tuning dropped down one half-step are some of his more common tunings.”

“He has been compared to guitarists on the Takoma label from the 1960’s, including American primitive guitarist John Fahey, Robbie Basho and former Vanguardrecording artist and recent touring partner Peter Walker. These artists shared his interest in experimenting with tunings, and Rose’s music makes it apparent that he shares Fahey’s half-joking belief that “the secret is always to steal from obscure sources.” For example, his version of the traditional “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” shares much in common with Mississippi John Hurt’s 1963 Library of Congress recording of the song for guitar, as well as Sam and Kirk McGee’s guitar and banjo “Rock House Joe” from 1964. “Teoc,” a song from Doctor Ragtime, was the first appearance of the “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” melody in Rose’s music. It later appeared in “Mountaintop Lamento,” a song from Opium Musick, This experimentation with a melodic theme culminated in his 2004 recording of “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” on Raag Manifestos.”

“Rose cites artists as diverse as Blind Blake, Blind Willie Johnson, William “Bill” Moore and Oscar “Buddy” Woods as influences.”

SPECIAL>>>> This event is growing… Shreveport percussionist, Daniel Breithaupt, and bassist, Eric Gardner (both members of Shreveport homegrown grumble boogey fave band, DirtFoot) will open to warm or cool the room depending on the weather (and they will be checking)… and, introducing, Amanda Blue, who will take the stage, to perform a selection of her newest and most original song poems, “a capella”…

FRIDAY September 18 / minicine? swampland / 846 Texas Avenue / 8PM / $8