Heap Us 'Round Our Ruins: An Interstate Film Circuit Tour + Reading by Rachel Roche + Music by Jasper McAdams

Heap Us 'Round Our Ruins

Friday October 16, New England filmmakers Ben Balcom and Josh Weissbach will stop at minicine? to present new film works as part of their Heap Us “Round Our Ruins: An Interstate Film Circuit Tour… This event will also feature a reading by Rachel Roche, of Lake Author, LA, from her body of work, “If I Had Wings“, and a special performance by Shreveport music artist, Jasper McAdams, on the eve of the release of his new CD, “Tender Legal“… in other words… an OFFICIAL CD RELEASE PARTY

About the films…

Ben Balcom’s films teeter on the line between reality and dream, characterized by the appearance and disappearance of narrative. The form of these films change from pure experimentation to character-based allegory. These films are trying to discover the relationship between our nature and the representation of this space through a reconfiguration of experience in an artificial medium. Each is united in an interest in poetry, mythology, and perception, experienced through an interface of silence and the language of the material. This body of work is meant to be eyes seeing humanity hiding, running, lying, tearing itself apart.

The conceptual premise of Josh Weissbach’s film work, all shot on Super 8 and 16mm film, is based on the notion that as all humans inhabit space, space simultaneously inhabits humans, and within this, the main question that is raised is how does the relationship between intimacy, trauma, and space function in the life of every human being?

Both filmmakers differ in their approach and subject matter, but are both unified by an interest in the vitality of the moving image as an experience of communication. With that said, this 90 minute film program has been evolving nightly on the tour, trying to promote connections that speak to each other across the collections of films from these two artists…

About the music…

New to the Shreveport music scene this year, Jasper McAdams comes to us from Texarkana, AK as a songwriter, vocalist and acoustic performer… releasing his new CD, “Tender Legal“, produce on the Portland indie label, Borrow Deer…  Tracks on the CD range from the poppy “It’s Alright Kids” to the unique tweaked-out folk of “Sally & the Devil” and the dreamier “Scarecrow”… Jasper will have CD’s on sale…  About the music…  www.myspace.com/jaspermcadams

FRIDAY October 16 / minicine? swampland / 846 Texas Avenue / 8pm / $5