Gatherers of Light Vol. 3


minicine? hosts Gatherers of Light, a convergence of film and media talent from around the country and Louisiana, to present new film, video and performance. As part of Arts in the Edge, sponsored by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, this event will occupy five or more underutilized or abandoned buildings in a portion of downtown Shreveport for site specific film screenings, installations and performance. Participants include: Wet Gate, San Francisco; Luke Savisky, Austin; Basement Films, Albuquerque; Courtney Egan and Helen Hill, New Orleans; Ryan Rebouche, Beaumont; Jon Rothell and Chris Jay, Shreveport, in addition to over 40 Shreveport film and videomakers, painters, photographers and artists of other media.

710 Texas Street – WEST EDGE ARTSPACE
"Made in Louisiana" Curated Films and Video by Courtney Egan & Helen Hill - New Orleans
“Rupert Murdoch Ate the Films We Wanted to Show” Basement Films -Volunteers for the underrepresented underserved filmo thingies... – Albuquerque
“Shreveport Homegrown” Video Installation by Shreveport Film and Video Artists
Group Exhibit – Laos Cooper, Andy Randolph, John Adam Harrington, Jay Marks, Noma Fowler-Sandlin, Sadie Hayden, Baron Capers, Jake Dement, Katherine Pabody, Kathy Brodnax, Mark Klocko, Marie Butler, Tony Reans, Michael Moore, Johnny Cooper, Cedric Rhodes…

514 Texas Street
“Sophisticated and 318’ed” Dadaesque Fashion for your circle of confusion…
1.sleepyear: archetypal fashion by allison dickson
2.dancing in your bedroom: an audio and visual collage to feng shui your mind by mary bigelow
3.your clothes could be making you sick: fashions by bryan sullivan and jen wasson
“A.R.S.E.” New 16mm Film by Jon Rothell and Chris Jay – Shreveport
“WET GATE” All 16mm-projectionist-ensemble w/ Peter Conheim, Owen O'Toole & Steven Dye - San Francisco
Group Exhibit – Centenary Art Department – Shreveport

512 Texas Street
“Strippenfilm” Outdoor Film Installation by Luke Savisky - Austin
“Metal Man” Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit by Matt Hazelton - Shreveport

712 Texas StreetC.C.Hardman
Window Exhibit

605 Texas Street – KUUMBA Fine Arts Gallery
Paintings by Larry Holston – Grambling
Wood Sculptures by Ricky D. Lee – Angola

609 Texas Street
Paintings by Francis Drew (Upstairs)

610 Texas Street
Southern University African American Museum

611 Texas Street
“Photography & Hand-Built Pots”
Group Exhibit – Edward Wilson, Talbot Hopkins Trudeau, Diane Nelson, Conway Link, Sam Mason – Shreveport
Music by Kathryn Hobgood Trio

615 Texas Street
“Overindulging in Mindless Bliss” Paintings and Drawings by Eric Dean and Gretchen Guier – Shreveport
“Sounds like” – Endless music consisting of percussion, turntables, laptops, violens, cello, guitars, saxophone, trombone, and other electronics and found sounds.

617 Texas Street
“G.C.R.” Zebra Room – Buddy Flett – Shreveport

619 Texas Street
“Chaos Hags” Video Installation by Courtney Egan - New Orleans
"memento mori" Paintings by Donna Moore – Shreveport

417 Texas StreetThe Noble Savage Tavern
“Brew Ha-Ha!” Comedy by Eric Gipson – Shreveport
“Boondogs” Alternative Music- Little Rock

Doors open @ 7PM… in the 400, 500, 600, 700 blocks of Texas Street in the West Edge… Free!

Supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.