The Dirty Projectors: The Getty Address

The Getty Address

minicine? host The Dirty Projectors to perform The Getty Address

The Getty Address is an album-length narrative inspired by Aztec mythology, the Eagles, and the 9/11 aftermath. It is a sprawling, layered glitch opera about Don Henley, leader of the aforementioned country/soft-rock group, and it was recorded over the course of almost two years, in three different states, with more than twenty-five people. Dave Longstreth, the principal Dirty Projector, wrote and recorded arrangements for wind septet, women's choir, and cello octet, digitally deconstructed them, and then sang over the reconstituted parts in order to make these songs. Many of the album’s often-gibberish lyrics stem from Longstreth's first album, “The Graceful Fallen Mango”, and the Eagles' “Greatest Hits Volume I”. The result is a captivating American song cycle that recreates the marriage of African and European music in their pure, unbastardized forms… complete with animated film by James Sumner

Also performing will be Vuk, Nat Baldwin, and The Wind-Up Bird…. NOT TO BE MISSED….

Saturday JUNE 4 / Tipitina’s Music Co-Op / 700 Texas St. / 8PM / Free