Dennis Gonzalez: Selective Retrospective 1985-2018


Saturday November 3rd, minicine? is honored to open the visual art exhibit “DENNIS GONZALEZ: SELECTIVE RETROSPECTIVE 1985-2018”. Dennis is a Dallas based musician/composer, visual artist, educator, broadcaster, writer, linguist/translator and actor. minicine? will exhibit works from six distinct series of Dennis’ visual art created between 1985 and the present, including large oil paintings, collages, millennial postcards, graphic scores and maps inspired by travels and his youth in Mercedes, TX. Many of you may know trumpeter, Dennis Gonzalez, from two performances in Shreveport in the last year with DENNIS GONZALEZ YELLS AT EELS and ATARAXIA. For this opening, music will be provided by THE DENNIS GONZALEZ SHREVEPORT SPECIAL 5TET. Specially convened for this opening, the music is based on New Traditions in jazz, with cultural leanings in many directions. Namely, it is an accessible, listenable Avant Jazz with roots in musics of the South, Mexican music, and music of the important Chicago school of improvisation. Doors open at 7pm. Vegan hors d'oeuvres by GOGREENLY! Suggested Donation $5.

minicine? swampland
846 Texas Avenue
Downtown Shreveport