A Day in the Hype of America

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minicine? presents A Day in the Hype of America as part of the Global Griot Productions “Believe Freedom — The American Hype Campaign” during TV Turnoff Week, April 19th –25th.

The campaign, taking place in 20 different cities, aims to deconstruct the paradox of democratic media through screenings and discussions of their feature length documentary film, A Day in the Hype of America. Co-director Brian Quist believes the impact of the film during the TV Turnoff Week will have people questioning how media influences their ideas and perceptions of truth. “Despite so much evidence of media’s corporate ownership, there seems to be an overwhelming willingness in the American psyche to continue believing what we see on television,” Quist said. “Its not because of laziness, but because we have known no other way.”

Filmed entirely on December 31, 1999, A Day in the Hype of America offers a savvy critique of the hype and hysteria surrounding the arrival of the millennium that made the arrival such an anticlimax. Focusing on four Americans’ experiences, the film is set against the noise of the media circus and the drama of the dreaded hour of midnight. For T.J. Martin, the other co-director, this is an opportunity to delve into the heart of consumerism and the American media's ability to sell its audience on advice and products. “Our news sources have provided the American populace with the perception that media and free speech have been democratized, creating a naive rapport between the people and the television,” Martin said. “ It’s scary when information becomes a marketing tool.”

The Seattle-based team, Global Griot Productions, debuted their film last year at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and won for best documentary.

Centenary Professors of Communication and Visual Culture, Michelle Glaros and Mike Laffey, will be present for discussion following this film. Artwork by Melissa Bonin in Bistineau Gallery. Artwork by Kristi Hanna in Mother’s Gallery. Make Movies Now!

A Visual Sound & Movement Co / Friday APRIL 23 / 327 Market / 8PM / FREE