Community Massage Workshop

Flyer for Community Massage Workshop

Imagine being able to offer your partner the best back rub possible at the end of a stressful day or having the skill to change your best friend's entire state of being after hearing some bad news. The ability to touch our loved ones therapeutically is an easily learned skill that is missing from our communities. Simple, basic Thai Massage- created as a folk art for this exact reason- is the solution.

The massage techniques that Destiny teaches are derived from the practice of Thai Massage and is accessible for everyone to learn even if you have no prior experience with massage. When practiced, developed, and used on a regular basis, this skill will allow you to help your friends and family manage stress, decrease and/or prevent aches and pains, and have a greater sense of well-being. There are no fancy tables, oils, or tools needed to offer massage in this way. Only some space on the floor, a yoga mat, and a few blankets.

Destiny distills the most important principles of therapeutic touch and teaches them in a way that is easy for you to understand. The best part of a Community Workshop is that you can bring a friend that will learn alongside you so that you can receive the benefits of relaxation on a regular basis too!

Community Workshops are 3 hours long. You do have the option of extending the amount of time, but Destiny has found that the 3-hour time frame is a perfect amount of time for those without prior experience in giving massage- enough time to learn without getting overwhelmed. These events are fun and relaxing!

If you attend by yourself, the fee is $55. However, if you sign up with a friend, you pay $40 each! There must be a minimum of 6 participants to hold the workshop; maximum is 14.

Registration and prepayment are required. Sign up here: