cine dada + early first

Flyer Cine Dada? minicine

Lumiere First Films, 1895-96, France, 14min.
(First films ever shown to paying audiences in Paris, London, New York.)


Early Avant-Garde Cinema

Return to Reason, Man Ray, 1923, France, 3min.

Entr'Acte, Rene Clair, 1924, France, 15min.

Ballet Mechanique, Fernand Leger, 1924, France, 10min.

Anemic Cinema, Marcel Duchamp, 1926, France, 5min.

Ghost Before Breakfast, Hans Richter, 1928, Germany, 7min.

Degenerate Art?

7pm  /  $5
Oct. 3, 1996
Center for Contemporary Arts
319 Market St.