Action Day 1: Resist, Reconnect, Renew

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In conjuction with Strike4Democracy, a Day of Action is planned for February 17th that build towards an even larger mass strike planned for March 8, organized by International Women's Day and The Women's March.

RESIST: On Feburary 17th, try not to go to work. Do not spend money. Join us! Action tables representing local groups and issues will provide opportunities for learning and getting involved.

RECONNECT: Meet others in our community who are also concerned and are ready to be a part of the solution by sending a clear and non-violent message to our current Adminstration. Together we can do more than acting alone.

RENEW: Take time to breathe and renew the spirit. Getting our Nation back on track will be a marthon-not a sprint! Taking care of our emotional and physical health is critical to staying strong and focused.


3pm: Doors open-social hour and Action Tables
4pm: Meditation "Spirituality and Politics" with Ben Riggs
5pm: Action Tables-get involved!
6pm: Community Potluck-bring dish to share and a beverage
7pm: Freedom Sing-In curated by Alan Dyson

As citizens and supporters come together to register their deep dissatisfaction with the President and the current administration's unconstitutional, inhumane policies and behavior, February 17th marks a heightened effort to provide a beacon for those who share our concerns and who search for a way to “do something.” Together we speak with one voice. We say:
▪ NO to attacks on our marginalized communities
▪ NO to attacks on the sovereignty of indigenous peoples
▪ NO to attacks on constructive critics within and outside government
▪ NO to attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed rights
▪ NO to attacks on our environment
▪ NO to attacks on working families
▪ NO to attacks on public education