The 14th Annual Gadabout Film Festival

Flyer for Gadabout Film Festival

Sunday Oct. 22, minicine? welcomes the 14th Annual Gadabout Film Festival with Eric Ayotte to Shreveport to screen a program of DIY short films from around the country and the world! Opening music for the evening will be provided by Chris Alexander. Edibles by GoGreenly. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Since 2002 the Gadabout Film Festival has been creating programs that show filmmaking can be fun, and amazing content can come out of low-to-no budgets. Over the years the festival has travelled to over 45 states, 12 countries and over 100 cities. Screening in basements, art houses, music venues, collective spaces, warehouses, parking lots, parks, etc. the festival is committed to representing sincere filmmakers and showcasing a program of entertaining and thoughtful short films.

This years program includes:

The Welcome Committee - Phineas Harper & Joel Blackledge
Bike portraits - Sashko Danylenko
Scary Story - Joseph Paone
Record Kid - Santiago Fabrizio
Online - Daniel Hernandez Torrado
Wojtek - Monika Stpiczyńska and Bartek Tryzna
Bon in the Rain - Dave Anderson
In One Drag - Alireza Hashempour
Embarrassed - Jake Dypka & Hollie McNish
Off - Thomas Scohy & Kevin Zonnenberg
Cornbread - Jierel Almario
Prank You Very Much - Eric Ayotte & Charlie Jones
A Date With An Enfield - Adam Butcher
The Artist - Neal Fischer
Digital Generation - Molly Reith
Finito - Mauricio Bartok & Gabriel Dorazio

Edibles by GoGreenly. Doors 6:30pm. Films 7pm. $5 Suggested Donation